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Sorry - have never used it - you can:

  1. . Talk me through, in painful detail, how to use it;
  2. . Use the mailing list;
  3. . Email me;
  4. . Talk on the talk pages.

Let me know what works for you! ;) Mark Richards 05:23, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Sorry - can't make any sense of the IRC thing. Am using win2k Mozilla 1.5 or IE if that helps. Is there some reason why IRC is the right forum? Am happy to hold off and discuss. Mark Richards 06:50, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

try to download chatzilla ?

then, start mozilla and find where irc is mentionned

then type in the window /server

then /join #wikipedia

I found it, and downloaded it, but nothing happened. I tried restarting M but still can't find a window. Sorry - can you use another form of communication? Thanks! Mark Richards 07:22, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

try open a browser window and type irc://

I get "IRC is not a registered protocol" - would it be easier for you to use another form of communication? Thanks, Mark Richards 07:37, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

very unfortunate :-( Well, per email will be fine I guess. ant

I'll keep playing with it - is there some reason why its better? Thanks, Mark Richards 08:22, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

hmmmm, yes, discussing real time is often very helpful. Also, you get to know people best, and once to know poeple, it is easier to deal with tough issues. SweetLittleFluffyThing

Ah ha - got it! Thanks for your patience! Mark Richards 16:19, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Thank you my other friend PMA 10:11, 12 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Your abuse has been reported to the Wiki-En list. For shame. RK 22:54, Jun 13, 2004 (UTC)

Ant, heartiest congratulations on the elections! I'm confident you will represent the non-English wikipedias very well. Tres bon! Fuzheado | Talk 03:48, 14 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Dear Anthere,

It's really great to have you as part of the Wikimedia Foundation, in your new role.

Congraulations for winning the vote.

Even though I have not yet been long enough on Wikipedia to vote, I have seen your work over the past three years and its effects. It's good that the non-English Wikipedias have an advocate who knows their interests.

Thank you, EuropracBHIT 04:29, 14 Jun 2004 (UTC)

hmmm, thanks :-) ant


Congratulations, Anthere, on being elected! -- pne 16:35, 14 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Football, ceilings and congrats![edit]

Your story was great. Sorry about your daughter being upset by the misunderstanding, and about your poor ceiling though! I was watching the match in Germany in a pub full of French supporters which was not good. They kept cheering at the wrong goals! :) Also, congratualtions on the election. I know I've already said it on IRC, but I wanted to add to the list of congratualtions here too. I'm looking forward to working with you on the board. Angela. 01:54, 15 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Request for AMA assistance[edit]

HI Ant, we have received an anonymous request for AMA assistance from an IP address, I have directed that individual to contact me if they wish not to create a Wikipedia account. If you are interested in helping please let me know and if I hear from this individual I will try and put you in contact. See Wikipedia:AMA Requests for Assistance. Thank you. — © Alex756 03:02, 18 Jun 2004 (UTC)

PS I have been very busy but I will respond to your other email/posting on the weekend. Alex.

Thiswas so well said! Thanks for your thoughtfulness and your grace under pressure -- B

Requests for praise acceptance[edit]

I heard you won. Congratulations. Now what? ;) Stevertigo 02:46, 27 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Hm. Sounds like a plan. :) No sig


Hi. I just sent you an email via 'email this user'. Can you please verify receipt? Thanks, Morwen - Talk 11:16, 28 Jun 2004 (UTC)

merci, ma amie. ça va bien? ;-)


(Hope you don't mind me asking this here, but it seemed the simplest way to get a quick & simple answer :-) If you were to treat the name Voldemort as a French word and translate it into English, would it be better to translate it as Flight of Death or Flight from Death? And just to check, should it be Flight or Thief for the translation of the Vol... segment? (Sorry for disturbing you, we return you to your usual program :-) --Phil | Talk 12:29, Jul 1, 2004 (UTC)

request for advice concerning possible mediation or arbitration?[edit]

Hi, I hope you don't mind my asking you directly for advice -- I am not sure whether this ought to be a request for mediation or arbitration. It concerns WHEELER and his contributions on the Fascism and Early National Socialism pages. First I have to admit that I have never found WHEELER to be a useful contributor -- he piles quote upon quote, all taken out of context, to prove some point of his, while wilfully misconstruing the contributions of better-informed people. I have at times argued with him over certain points of interpretation in the Fascism article (but I never felt his conduct called for any formal intervention or sanction). In any event, I am extremely disturbed by his recent comment here:

And by the way since you want to declare a pedigree just because your relatives suffered under the Holocaust.
The Nazis also committeed atrocities on the island of Crete. My uncle, Sirodakis, was a great underground fighter. It was my island that lead a ferocious resistance to the Nazis. It was my co-religionists, Catholic priests that went to the camps as well. And it was Jewish communists that destroyed the Orthodox Church in Russia. Many a Christian died in Jewish concentration camps in Russian before the Nazis ever killed a single Jew. So don't cry buster and don't wave your victimhood in my face.WHEELER 15:43, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Now, as far as I can tell, AndyL has not "waved" his "victimhood" in anyone's face; nor has he claimed any special pedigree (I do remember him mentioning that he had relatives who died in the Holocause, only in direct response to someone who questioned his personal background). WHEELER's comment follows a disagreement between him and AndyL about the relationship between the Hungarian and Austrian National Socialist movements -- that is, it really comes out of nowhere.

Be that as it may, I see no call or excuse for the claim that Jewish communists destroyed the Orthodox Church in Russia -- this simply repeats the Nazi slander equating Judaism with Bolshevism. The suggestion that Jews build and maintained concentrtation camps for killing Christians is obscene anti-Semitism. Personally I think WHEELER should be banned for this. What do you think I should do -- simply put this forward to the mediation committee, or is there some more appropriate measure? Thanks, Slrubenstein 17:51, 1 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for taking the time to reply, in effect, twice. I have some responses but I posted them in a general way to the list-serve. By the way, of the four reasons for apologizing you ask about, I'd say I meant the fourth (for insulting Jews as a group) but add, also for abusing space in Wikipedia. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts, Slrubenstein

Request for mediator in the case of User:AndyL and User:WHEELER[edit]

A few days ago, AndyL listed a request on the Wikipedia:Requests for mediation page between User:WHEELER and himself:

see Wikipedia:Requests for comment/User:WHEELER and associated TALK page. Specific complaint about his anti-Semitic comment on Talk:Early_National_Socialism but also about his general conduct around POV editing and unencyclopedic behaviour. AndyL 05:31, 7 Jul 2004 (UTC)

After discussing the matter with sannse, it seems that the first step is to identify one or more members of the committee who are willing to mediate in this case, although before proceeding it will be necessary to clarify the goals of the mediation.

And just FYI, there has also been quite a bit of chatter on the WikiEN mailing list about similar issues.

If you are willing to act as the mediator in this case, please leave a brief note stating so at Wikipedia:Requests_for_mediation#User:AndyL_and_User:WHEELER. The more people who are willing to mediate, the better, as this will provide more options for the two users to try to agree on.

Thanks, BCorr|Брайен 18:27, 9 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies[edit]

Hi Ant -

You graciously refused my donation of CDN$10 to could meet with Jimbo and Angela, and told me to go away to the mountains. I work in them for the time, and have created a Rocky Mountain wildflowers page. You are the first to see it; it still requires text for each of the flowers (created but yet to be placed), and there are a number of flowers which have not bloomed yet, so this is still an article in the works. ("Snowsnake" does not belong here either, it not being a wildflower, but rather a mythical beast. However, as you can see, 'mythical' often springs from 'I saw one once'.)

I'm glad you made it to Paris, and I always enjoy reading your comments on the mailing lists. I wish I had your talent for NPOV!

Denni 01:46, 2004 Aug 1 (UTC)

Greetings and salutations. I see you made the committee you were hoping for.  :-) Koyaanis Qatsi 02:09, 19 Aug 2004 (UTC)


Yes, that was accidental, I was in edit mode when 172 protected the page... it actually should have come up as an edit conflict, don't know why it didn't.

Anyway, I think you should reinstate my edit since it was not an edit to content but to formatting. ie I replaced a ")" with a "]]" reversing an edit mistake I made a few minutes before. By reverting my edit you've destroyed the image that's supposed to be in the article. AndyL 02:07, 23 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Probably not but I think Sam would look a bit silly filing an RfC against me for a making formatting edit that corrects one of my own mistakes:) AndyL 02:18, 23 Aug 2004 (UTC)


Salut -- Comme toujours, j'espère que tout est bien, ma amie.
I've missed you.... A bientôt! BCorr|Брайен 18:00, 25 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Wikiproject:Community Currencies[edit]


I arrived here reading your comment on my (blank!) user page.. Currently I'm working on Wikipedia on Community Currencies. Looking at your Wikipedia articles, I imagine that perhaps you would interested to help me to create a Wikiproject about Community Currencies, (would be interesting to connect with EcoRegions) so to share a knowledge space about this item on Wikipedia..

magius 26 Aug 2004


Sorry, I don't use IRC. And why is it that *I* have to "stop doing what I'm doing with Guanaco", but it's all right for Guanaco to do what he's doing with me? RickK 22:44, Aug 28, 2004 (UTC)

Please, would you stop doing this now or I fear pages will be protected. I recommand you accept to discuss with Guanaco, Jimbo, Angela and I now on irc, but if you do not, please stop now these useless reversion wars. SweetLittleFluffyThing 22:47, 28 Aug 2004 (UTC)


Hi Anthere. How I wish I could write this in French! I see the French Wikipedia has just turned over 50,000 articles. You're the only French Wikipedian that I really know, so please accept my heart-felt congratulations and pass them on to your colleagues. It's a great day, and you have every reason to feel proud. David Cannon 22:15, 29 Aug 2004 (UTC)


Hi Anthere,

I was just thinking about going to Berlin between Christmas and new year to the 21C3 meeting, and I think/hope a lot of other Wikipedians will also be there. Probably that time will be hard for you get off, and Berlin is far away, but if there is any possibility to meet you one day somewhere, let me know, i really look forward to it!

See you one day :-) Fantasy 11:40, 5 Sep 2004 (UTC)

I replied on my page :-) Fantasy 14:27, 5 Sep 2004 (UTC)


Dear Anthere,

Maybe you´re interested to know that your picture of a damselfly (it´s Calopteryx virgo) now is part of the german article of Odonata (in german it´s de:Libellen), which is elected to be an excellent one. So thanx for that great Pic, Greeting from Berlin --

Page undeletion[edit]

From the deletion log:

  • 16:33, 8 Sep 2004 Michael Snow deleted "Genuine Progress Indicator" (article created by banned user)
  • 19:16, 9 Sep 2004 Anthere restored "Genuine_Progress_Indicator"

Perhaps unfortunately, the software does not call for an explanation when restoring a page the way it does for deletions. I would have thought that if you thought my deletion was inappropriate, the normal way to handle that is through Wikipedia:Votes for undeletion. In any case, at the very least I should have been informed of the undeletion and the reason for it (see Wikipedia:Undeletion policy). Accordingly, I am requesting that explanation from you now. Also, in this situation the undeletion policy calls for the page to immediately be listed on VfD, which I have done. --Michael Snow 22:43, 9 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Sorry if being overly formal about this was disturbing. It's just that in previous disagreements over how to handle the overall EntmootsOfTrolls problem, people have objected that procedure wasn't being followed in blocking, and I'm trying to show that I want to work this out within our existing policies. Also, it's simply a personality flaw on my part.
You may be right that votes for undeletion would not have served the purpose well. However, I still think I should have been entitled to be informed of the undeletion. I didn't see your message on the article talk page until later, and wasn't sure what to make of it (anyway, why would I expect to find something on the talk page of an article I thought was deleted?). What I might suggest, perhaps, is that we delete this article and create a new one under the same name without restoring the history. I think I could take a stab at writing at least a reasonable stub. Would that work for you? --Michael Snow 22:24, 10 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Happy Birthday[edit]

Happy Birthday Anthere!

Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead! :) Angela. 23:33, Sep 9, 2004 (UTC)

many joyful returns
many joyful returns

Oooh - many happy returns :) -- sannse (talk) 10:00, 10 Sep 2004 (UTC)

[Yet another joyful birthday greeting]

~ king of kings, and joy of joys... ~ +sj+

thanks :-) Well, I had a 50 people cheer up today, with a (very disharmonious but so happy) happy birthday song :-)

Sorry for being a little bit late with my wishes (not many computers in the mountains... ;-) , I hope you had a really nice birthday yesterday. Best wishes and see you then maybe in Berlin :-) Fantasy 18:32, 11 Sep 2004 (UTC)

user subpage proposal[edit]

G'day Anthere

I read your comments opposing my proposal to remove user subpage discussions from VfD. I agree with you completely that the user should be contacted before any such listing. That's a core issue addressed by this proposal, and one of my main reasons for making it. Under the current system, there is no such requirement. Under this proposal, there is. Or have I missed something here? Andrewa 17:57, 10 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for your reply, and your offer to let me remove your vote, but I really can't do that!

What I'd most like is for you to take a good look at the proposal. The vote ends this Sunday, and it looks most unlikely that consensus will be reached. Current voting is almost tied, and the last person to vote against had some ideas that could be incorporated into the proposal. So I think we will go back to discussion. Something should happen, but not this. I'm hopeful that this time we will actually get some discussion, and some people other than me working on the proposal! If we don't then this time it will lapse. Andrewa 01:15, 17 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Wikipedia talk:Deletion of user subpages

Wikipedia talk:Votes for deletion/August 2004#Deleting user subpages



I'd like to put Image:MediaWiki logo.png in the public domain so that anyone can easily use it for any purpose. However, given that the flower is yours, so to speak, I'd like to ask for your permission to do that. What do you say?--Eloquence*

Protection of GWB[edit]

On the Wikipedia:Protected_page page, it is stated that:

"Additionally, when protection is due to a revert war, the protecting sysop may choose to protect the version favoured by those more closely complying with the guideline on repeated reverts. See wikipedia talk:revert#The protection option for the discussion on this."

I think that Grunt was operating in accordance with this policy. Kevin Baas | talk 22:39, 2004 Sep 10 (UTC)

When did that policy changed ?????? SweetLittleFluffyThing 22:57, 10 Sep 2004 (UTC)
I really don't know. It was brought to my attention on an earlier protection of the GWB page. Kevin Baas | talk 23:06, 2004 Sep 10 (UTC)
You probably can't find it because I gave you the wrong link. (opps!) Here is the correct one: Wikipedia:Protection_policy#How. Second last paragraph of the "How" section. Kevin Baas | talk 23:10, 2004 Sep 10 (UTC)
Found it okay. Well, this is just further introducing biais. I understand why it seems factions are developing in en:. Protecting was meant to cool spirits. Now, protection is a good way to just protect the version your team thinks the best. How wrong. SweetLittleFluffyThing 23:14, 10 Sep 2004 (UTC)
I don't think there's enough leniency in that policy to do that. What the policy does is provide a sanction against violating the three revert rule, a sanction which is in line with the natural consequences of disregard for Game theory. Kevin Baas | talk 23:20, 2004 Sep 10 (UTC)
Yes... possibly so. You are correct that it provides an interesting sanction. It might be interesting to see, though, if an edit war where the one reverting the most has the favorite version, results in the least appreciated version being chosen. I wonder.
I don't doubt this to be possible, nor do I see the article getting protected on "the wrong version" as an objection. Kevin Baas | talk 03:39, 2004 Sep 11 (UTC)

User bans[edit]

If we find it too problematic to block banned users (Michael on AOL, the Halifax range-block), and we decide to allow "good" edits by banned users, what does it actually mean for somebody to be banned at all? It would seem to me that by this, they end up being given the same status as everyone else - after all, "bad" edits from anyone should be reverted or fixed, should they not?

By the way, I don't see why there's much reason to be concerned about conspiracy theory stuff that gets posted on Consumerium. Responding to it gives it more credence than it deserves. --Michael Snow 20:12, 11 Sep 2004 (UTC)

You mentioned that you planned to go back and remove that link from the VfD subpage later, so I went ahead and removed it for you. I hope that's okay. --Michael Snow 01:09, 13 Sep 2004 (UTC)

It's been fun[edit]

Anthere, I very much enjoyed chatting with you in IRC, and I thank you for your valuable advice. For several reasons, I won't be taking that advice; rather than work on the more obscure (and useful) portions of the site, I've decided to do obscurely useful things in the "swing states" to see if we can't get Dubya Bush un-elected. I'd hoped to say good-bye "in person" on IRC; since that won't be possible, I'll doing it here.

Best of luck to you on Wikipedia, and I'll never refer to you <grin> as a troll. -- orthogonal 05:04, 25 Sep 2004 (UTC)

I hope the best for you in the future Orthogonal :-) SweetLittleFluffyThing 21:02, 26 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Merci bien pour ton message, et ton email, Anthère. :) When I spent all my time on wikipedia I was quite ill, and it was a way of keeping myself busy, and sane. I hope to carry on contributing to wikipedia now I'm better, but at a saner rate. ;) fabiform | talk 14:52, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)

French words[edit]

In response to your comment over at meta— I wasn't trying to say that using a French word or two was a big deal; I was just copyediting and I guess I kinda came across as a jerk in the edit summary. Sorry for the misunderstanding! --bdesham 22:26, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)


Salut, ma amie. J'ai vu ton edit à WP:MC, et je comprends. Aussi, je suis désolé que ta anniversaire as passer :-( -- B

Merci pour ton réponse. I don't know why I continue to write in French, since I know it doesn't always make a lot of sense. I was just trying to say that I understand, and that it's no problem -- je connâitre que tu es très (ou trop?) engagée à le Conseil de Trûtées de Wikimédia. And I look forward to hearing your ideas! Paix & lumière -- B


I can't believe you voted for me! How very nice.. To be honest, as much as I appreciate each vote (even the sockpuppet ;) I appreciate yours most, mainly because I'm not sure how I deserve it. All I can think of is the time I was rude to you, and how much I regret it now... All I can say to excuse myself was that I was quite angry, and that I didn't mean to be hurtful, only rude :S In any case I extend my sincerest apologies, and gratitude, and I want you to know I think you are very kind. Marci Beaucoup, Sam [Spade] 21:48, 5 Oct 2004 (UTC)


I tried to get it together, but I am not sure yet...probably the water/sand/stones have to be changed a little bit...

This is at least a start :-) Fantasy 20:39, 8 Oct 2004 (UTC)

A professor is holding a time-management course for managers. Without speaking a word, he puts a big glass on the table. (the managers look interrested) He takes some stones from the floor next to him, and puts them in the glass, until it is full. He asks the Managers "Is this glass full?" The managers say "yes"! Then the professor takes a bag of sand from the floor next to him, and puts it on the stones, until the glass is full. He asks again "Is this glass full?" One manager dares to say "" The professor takes a glass of water, an puts it over the stones and sand, until the glass is full.

The professor asks "What do we learn from this?"

One manager tries after some time: "...that we can always put in our schedule more apointments, even if it is already full...?"

The professor then says: "If you put in first all the small stones, you will afterwards never get the big stones into the glass. The same is for the small and the really important things in your life..."

URGENT: Opposition to "Sam Spade": See User:Spleeman/Sam Spade[edit]

See a critic's tracking of SamSpade's activities on Wikipedia at User:Spleeman/Sam Spade Vote "NO", or reverse your vote, even at this late hour. This is criticle (and critical) information! IZAK 09:50, 10 Oct 2004 (UTC)

See: User:Spleeman/Sam Spade#Political bias:

  • From Sam's own user page: User:Sam_Spade/Theoretical_Biases
  • Removes references to groups such as the KKK as "right-wing" [1]
  • Attempts to sugarcoat racist views [2]
  • The claim the Geli Raubal was Hitler's mistress is just that, a claim [3].
  • Wants Hitler labeled as a socialist on the communism page (see Talk:Communism)
  • Insists on including his personal theories regarding a relationship between nazism and Chinese communism in nazism article:
  • From Talk:Socialism:
    • "I intend to do what I always have, which is insist that the Nazi's were socialist because... they were." (Sam Spade 00:32, 20 Aug 2004 (UTC))
  • Called another editor a "fascist" (Talk:Socialism#protection). This is similar to his attempts to try to provoke me by implying that I was a nationalist, or not an anarchist:
  • More on belief in non-racial eugenics: Why Sam is Right Wing (a list by User:Stopthebus18)
    • Stopthebus18: "People (including our country) have done horrible things in the name of eugenics." (StoptheBus18 16:02, 9 Aug 2004 (UTC))
    • Sam Spade: "Seems to work in Singapore. Bad things have been done in the name of all sorts of medicine, but we don't stop going to the doctor, do we?" (Sam Spade 17:21, 9 Aug 2004 (UTC))
  • Guess what everybody!!! "The attempt to paint them [the Nazis] as "reactionaries" is a propagandistic fraud." (Sam Spade 16:11, 20 Aug 2004 (UTC), Talk:Nazism) Wow! You learn something new everyday.... Not.
  • Hmm. For some reason, Sam doesn't want anybody to know that white-supremacist Wolfgang Droege was involved in drug trafficking [4].
Agreed, Sam is far from perfect. No one is :-) SweetLittleFluffyThing 11:07, 10 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Fried meatballs[edit]

From my count the consensus of the VfD discussion was to keep, with only a couple of people agreeing that a redirect was best. - SimonP 19:08, Oct 13, 2004 (UTC)

It is a real pleasure to try to set up policies with people like you preventing decent discussion and consensual solutions to be found. SweetLittleFluffyThing

areas of personal interest[edit]

  • Dear Anthere, I liked to answer you at meta:User talk:Anthere but due to havy traffic or due to another reason the page is broken.
  • What I tried to point out in a previous e-mail is that I am not aware of different areas of personal interest of different contrinutors to Wikipedia. I should not talk to a person interesed in bees about different spelling of the name of one of the most important geographers of Middle adge as Muhammad al-Idrisi. To find out different spellings in used actualy in Wikipedias in different languages I spend 8 hours.
  • To reaslise how diffcult it is to make Meta:Wikipedia:InterWiki links for a person like Juan Luís Vives one of the main humanists of Middle age writing also De institutione feminae christianae (1523) see Berthe Vadier, Un Moraliste du XVIieme siècle: Jean-Louis Vives et son livre de l'éducation de la femme chrétienne (Geneva, 1892) it takes hours too.
  • Both issues addressed at Wikipedia:Village pump (miscellaneous)#indications about bibliographic item(s) (Catalog) and Wikipedia:Village pump (miscellaneous)#meta name="KEYWORDS" content="..." (about how to handle many spelling variants and to achive top rankings at search engins listings) are maybe posted at a pleace not having the interest of involved people.
  • The litte feedback I received until now about Bibliographical names points out that this would be a greather project. But how and where to start it? I ask because postponing will not make life easier. Thanks for your efforts in advance! Regards Gangleri 21:45, 2004 Oct 14 (UTC)

  • Dear Anthere, Thank you for your answer: However, some more guidelines are certainly necessary to clarify all this. SweetLittleFluffyThing. I added new examples regarding Talk:Al Battani and Talk:Solomon Ibn Gabirol. Spelling was different, the pages where not linked together.

fr:Le Petit Prince[edit]

Hmmm, complete versions :

Il n'y eut rien qu'un éclair jaune près de sa cheville. Il demeura un instant immobile. Il ne cria pas. Il tomba doucement comme tombe un arbre. Ça ne fit même pas de bruit, à cause du sable.


Thank you for the links. I made fr:Discuter:Antoine de Saint-Exupéry#InterWiki. See links and some InterWiki's at fr:Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
This is nothing compared with andcollection.html, full text in 29 languages, quotes in nnn languages,, [7] , [8], [9] . We should invite them (they are many) to the Wiki world because they know much more about "Le Petit Prince" and multilingvism then anybody else.
[10] too. Regards Gangleri 00:35, 2004 Oct 19 (UTC)

fr:Le Petit Prince look at this as well.

I verified it but could not find other translations inside Wikipedia. If you know people who can translate it / research on it quickly it would be nice. I do not know many people so far. Gangleri 00:46, 2004 Oct 19 (UTC)

Yes, it would be a good idea to contact them. Would you do that ? SweetLittleFluffyThing

Yes I will do it just now. Regards Gangleri 00:46, 2004 Oct 19 (UTC)
I added "What links here"s to fr:Discuter:Antoine de Saint-Exupéry#InterWiki. Gangleri 01:03, 2004 Oct 19 (UTC)
Now fr:Discuter:Antoine de Saint-Exupéry#InterWiki can be used for navigation. Gangleri 02:42, 2004 Oct 19 (UTC)

I made additions to fr:Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is growing. Regards Gangleri 15:03, 2004 Oct 21 (UTC)

neat :-) SweetLittleFluffyThing 17:07, 21 Oct 2004 (UTC)


does anyone has -> does anyone have (auxiliary infinitive!) did changed -> did change (auxiliary infinitive!) Don't put adjectives at the end of a sentence after a noun phrase for it's awkward.

I hate people because they never correct grammar, of English- or French- and Spanish-speakers. lysdexia 23:37, 14 Oct 2004 (UTC)


Thanks for protecting my welcome page, I just don't want any of my friends coming in and touching that particular page (I really don't care if they mess with my user page).--[[User:Plato|Comrade Nick @)---^--]] 13:14, 17 Oct 2004 (UTC)


Please remember to list pages that you protect on Wikipedia:Protected page (see the protection policy). Thanks. Angela. 00:29, Oct 20, 2004 (UTC)

Apology, I did not realise this was required for user personal pages as well. SweetLittleFluffyThing

Danny's contest[edit]

Dear Anthere,

please contact me specifying the amount of WikiMoney you require for my victory in the currently running Danny's contest. Alternatively I would be willing to pay in kind.

Yours, [[User:Solitude|Solitude\talk]] 08:47, Oct 26, 2004 (UTC)

department of fun[edit]

hey there just wanted to invite you to be a member of the Department of Fun as i saw you on a linked page we have as a judge, feel free to add your sig./timestamp in the members section. --Larsie 17:33, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Soil science redirects to Pedology (soil study)[edit]

I am a new user. If I understand the history correctly, you established the soil science page on June 25, 2002 and set it to redirect to the pedology article. Would you object if I reworked the pedology article to be consistent with the wiktionary definition, with pedology being the branch of soil science that deals with soil genesis and soil classification?

I understand that pedology means literally the same thing as soil science. I am also aware that several individual field soil scientists in the United States have preferred being introduced as pedologists to distinguish themselves from agronomists, geologists, geographers, sanitarians and engineers who opportunistically represent themselves as soil scientists, but who in fact have only minimal soil science training and experience. I am also aware that the term soil science doesn't translate as easily as the term pedology, and that some national soil science societies have chosen to call themselves pedological societies.

Despite the above I find very persuasive considerations in support of clarifying pedology as being one of several branches within the soil sciences. Most soil scientists known to me are not enthusiastic with the pedology term as a comprehensive term for soil science. Practice in the pure science aspects of soil chemistry, soil physics and soil minerology are particularly difficult to define as branches of pedology. Furthermore, the ascendancy of the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) has made soil science the clearly preferable term.

I maintain my certification as a professional soil classifier, so I can certainly appreciate that soil science would not be what it is (a robust discipline independent of geology, agriculture or the biological sciences) if it wasn't for pedology. Pedology is the single most important and defining branch of soil science. I certainly can't fault anyone who defends promoting pedology as the preferred term. I just think that the world has moved on beyond the 1970's and 1980's, a time when pedology quite possibly could have supplanted soil science as the preferred term.

Paleorthid 19:25, 30 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Hello Paleorthid.

Yes, I started this article, at the same time of agricultural sciences, which we rather call agronomy in my country. At that time, the encyclopedia was entirely empty with regards to soil science and agri sciences. I remember that at that time someone complained that the word pedology was too much "jargon", but I must admit that I stick to it, precisely for the reasons you seem to mention. These were not as clear in my mind, but indeed, what I was willing to discuss was more about "hard soil science".

Your arguments seem okay to me. Indeed, when I studied, my class was called soil sciences, and had a rather large meaning. While the lab where I later worked was a pedology lab. Hmmm, of course, yes, you are most welcome to rework all those. Especially since rather few editors have work on them (there was a lot of work done on soil life). I have no time any more to work on articles this year, but I sure am glad that my favorite fields are taken care of :-)

Additionaly, would you be interested in working on soil classification ? I would love it for the ecoregion project... (my little pet project...)



I like the ecoregion material... launched soil classification... Better start a "to Do" list Paleorthid 23:42, 30 Oct 2004 (UTC)


Hi! Thanks for uploading Image:Astilberose.JPG. I notice it currently doesn't have an image copyright tag. Could you add one to let us know its copyright status? (You can use {{gfdl}} if you release it under the GFDL, or {{fairuse}} if you claim fair use, etc.) If you don't know what any of this means, just let me know where you got the images and I'll tag them for you. Thanks so much, Quadell (talk) (help)[[]] 23:36, Nov 4, 2004 (UTC)

"So young"[edit]

That gave me a bit of a chuckle. How old did you think I was? How "young" do you think I look? Keep in mind, the picture does not show very well how much grey hair I have. --Michael Snow 22:06, 7 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Well, 30 is nearer the mark than 45. But since our demographics are decidedly skewed towards a younger crowd, maybe I'm mildly surprised that people would assume I was that old - not that 45 is old. Even 30 is well above the median contributor age I would think. --Michael Snow 00:33, 8 Nov 2004 (UTC)